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a cool pool

perfect match

The pool and I are a PERFECT MATCH, and you might wonder why we didn’t start our screen printing collective earlier. It wasn’t because of the pool, which had been lurking in the basement for a very long time. I just didn’t want to rush things and make sure we both shared my idea of a tidy above-the-ground world (unexpectedly, the pool was quite a blockhead about that at first).

The pool and I work on equal terms. While I make all the decisions, the pool is responsible for the creative atmosphere. The latter greatly benefits from the previous pool owner, who spent endless hours floating on the spot in front of the counter-current system in the dark-brown tiled ambience of the tiny pool circle set in concrete. An image that merrily resists all AESTHETIC CATEGORIES. As I said, we are a perfect match.

that seedy issue

Okay, most of the time anyway. There’s also that seedy issue of working for money, which society regrettably refuses to respect. It forced me into working in leadership positions at several NGOs and at an impact investing start-up, as a supervisory board member, abroad for several years and finally as Executive Director of an international federation. The pool doesn’t care. But then again, it doesn’t have college-age children and never has to pay any bills.

Until that miraculously changes, I recommend my  linkedIn profile for an overall impression (and a picture):


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